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Contact Information

ADD: Houjie Industrial Zone,Huancheng East Road,Liushi town,Wenzhou city,Zhejiang province,China,325604
TEL: 008657762780255
FAX: 008657762790455
EMAIL: chrx@www.tactfrag.com
MSN: chrx@www.tactfrag.com

YUEQING CHIRX ELECTRON CO.,LTD.was established in 2006(formerly Yueqing city Xin Capacitor plant),company is located in the south Zhejiang coast has long been known as "China’s electrical appliances capital" Liushi Wenzhou City.

Companies with advanced production equipment and testing equipment,always adhere to the quality-oriented" approach,professinal production CBB60,CBB61,CBB65,CBB80,CD13,CD60,CJ40,CJ41,CJ48 series capacitor.Production are mainly used for household appliances,electrical tools,communications equipment,instrumentation and industrial automation equipment exchanges,DC and pules circuit and widely used in all kings of undustrial electronic equipment.

Rongxin brand capacitor using quality materials and exquisite craft,with stable performance and reliable quality .GB/T3667.1-2005 products system certfication.EC CE and the China Quality Certification Center of CQC voluntary product certification.

Abide by the integrity of this company.users come first,quality first,a service base,and continued innovation.dedicated to old and new customers excelldent products and hign quality services.