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ADD: Houjie Industrial Zone,Huancheng East Road,Liushi town,Wenzhou city,Zhejiang province,China,325604
TEL: 008657762780255
FAX: 008657762790455
EMAIL: chrx@www.tactfrag.com
MSN: chrx@www.tactfrag.com

CBB61 A.C capacitors are used on ELectric Fan for A.C motor starting and running, it is small cubage,low loss, low temperature rise, high insulation, fine self-healing property. We can make in RoHS standard and safety and stability as customers require.

  • CBB61T02

    capacitors Features:With a small loss,anti-moist,excellent electrical performance,reliability,large capacity,long life and good self-healing properties.   Capacitors Use:AppIied to starting and better working of single-phase motor in 50Hz(60Hz) AC electric p ...

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