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Close to the world advanced level in China's nuclear power


China already has 300,000 -60 million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant design capacity of their own, basically have the second generation million-kilowatt nuclear power plant design capacity, and mass-scale construction of independent engineering capability. Nuclear power equipment manufacturing, 60 million kilowatts and nuclear localization rate of up to one million kilowatts more than 70%.


China's nuclear power plant put into operation, nuclear power generation and grid electricity has steadily increased its operating performance and management of water on average to reach the world advanced level. In 2008, the nuclear group of nuclear power generating capacity of 37.6 billion kwh, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions that year more than 3700 tons, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 20 million tons. Environmental monitoring showed that the radiation environment of nuclear power plants remained at the level of pre-built nuclear power plant environmental levels.

Through innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced nuclear technology, China's current nuclear power technology already has close to the world advanced level of research and development capabilities, and nuclear power plant construction, operation and management level is already reached world advanced level; nuclear power equipment manufacturing capacity has also been increase, growing equipment, the level of autonomy. Nuclear power to adjust the energy structure, ensure energy security and environmental protection has made important contributions.

With the simultaneous development of reform and opening up of China's nuclear power industry, through a scratch, from weak to strong, continued across the development. According to reports, the reform and opening up, China has made a self-designed, built Qinshan 300,000 kilowatts of PWR nuclear power plant construction and the introduction of PWR nuclear power plant at Daya Bay 1 million kilowatts a strategic decision. Following the 1991 and 1994, the Qinshan nuclear power plant at Daya Bay nuclear power plant put into operation, China has successively built Qinshan Phase II, Ling Ao, Qinshan Phase III and TNPP, the formation of Zhejiang Qinshan, Daya Bay in Guangdong and Jiangsu Tianwan three nuclear power bases. At present, China has 11 nuclear power generating units put into operation, with a total installed capacity of 9.1 million kilowatts. In 2008, nuclear power accounts for 1.3% of total installed capacity, annual generation capacity of 68.394 billion kwh of nuclear power, the country's total generating capacity of about 2%.

In the new century, the state nuclear industry to make new strategic adjustment, 2020, China's nuclear power installed capacity will exceed 40 million running kilowatts installed capacity of nuclear power will account for 5% of total installed capacity of electric power. And after nearly 30 years of development, China has basically have a "foreign combination, we take the initiative to develop nuclear power" capability. With the Zhejiang Sanmen, Shandong Haiyang, represented the third generation of nuclear power plants under construction, China's nuclear power industry in the spring has come.

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